Thursday, July 23, 2015

Two Cards From Topps

Just a quick post about the two cards I recently received from Topps.

First up is the redemption from my recent box of 2014 Tribute.

I still can't get over how amazing this card is. I'm leaving it in the toploader with the Topps sticker intact just in case I have need to sell it in the future. But for now this one is definitely staying in my collection. I do know that Topps places a pretty high value on this card as it was delivered via FedEx and required a signature. I'm not sure what their threshold is for shipping with that method rather than through USPS but it's got to be at least a couple hundred.

The second card is my prize from the Call Your Shot promotion, aka Topps finding a way to make people pay to help clear out some storage space. Despite my cynicism I went ahead and paid the shipping charge since it seems some people have gotten some pretty nice cards from high end products. I wasn't disappointed.

Orange Refractor #74/75

I'm definitely not disappointed getting a minor PC player from a high end product, albeit a sticker auto, that was randomly pulled. Topps was also quick in sending this out. I received it less than a week after entering the winning code and paying the shipping charge.

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