Monday, July 27, 2015

Diamond Kings

At the show Saturday before last I picked up two boxes from my favorite dealer. The first was 2015 Diamond Kings. He mentioned to me that he pretty much never buys more than a case of unlicensed stuff because it just doesn't sell all that well. But that after selling his first case of DK he bought another two cases because it was such a hit with his customers. He also mentioned that he'd had one guy pull a Babe Ruth jersey relic (with pinstripes!!) from one of his boxes. I didn't pull anything that huge but it turned out to be a pretty good box that was a lot of fun to bust.

First I pulled one base parallel.


Framed Parallels (Two per box)



And the hits (Two per box)



Pulling relics of old school players is always fun, particularly one that was the centerpiece of one of the greatest moments in baseball history.

Great box!

But wait! There's more!!!!



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  1. Nice cards, that Lefty O'Doul really pops. The DK set may be one of my favorite unlicensed sets in a while, I've been pleased with the ones I've gotten.