Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mixer: 2013 Topps MLS

This blog has been almost completely dedicated to baseball cards as that is what I collect. There have been intrusions by hockey cards in the past buts its really been all about baseball. However, when I was picking out boxes for my mixer case I decided to try a box of 2013 Topps MLS Soccer. I'm actually a pretty big soccer fan but my focus is on the European leagues. With not having a nearby MLS team the league hasn't really been very prominent on my radar. But the box was a good price so I pulled the trigger. This box actually turned out to be really good.

Each box guarantees three autos and three relics.

Here is the base card design. Shown off by one of the few American soccer players that non-soccer fans have perhaps heard of.


Blue #15/50

Gold #06/25

Black #03/10

The inserts were basically along the same boring lines that Topps uses for the flagship baseball sets, so I won't bother showing any of those. Next, the hits.

MLS Maestros Auto

Super Draft Auto #25/25

Green #01/75

It's pretty obvious from the content of this one box that this product is VERY short printed compared to Topps baseball flagship. But the demand is also way lower so it makes sense. It is fun to pull lots of low numbered cards from one box.


  1. Nice Besler cards. I don't follow MLS as much as I should, but I have an almost complete set of the 2011 Topps cards. I think if I went to an actual game I would get into it more.

  2. Both of those Besler's are sweet! I'm "sort of" looking forward to the new Donruss Panini set coming out in September. It got pushed back though, so its probably all going to be featuring last year's players. We'll see.

  3. If you're looking to get rid of either Besler hit me up. Love the recap!