Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mixer: 2008 Upper Deck SPx

I hope everyone was able to catch the All-Star festivities over the last few days. MLB really hit one out of the park with the new Home Run Derby format..heh. And the game last night certainly was an exciting affair. Now it's time to get on with the second half of the season with the trade deadline coming up soon. But in the meantime let's get back to baseball cards!

The next box in my mixer case was 2008 Upper Deck SPx. UD SPx is always a great product to bust no matter the sport as it offers great hits in quantity at a decent price. I've opened SPx hockey and loved it so I jumped at the chance to get some SPx baseball. Each box contains 10 packs with each pack containing an auto or a relic. The odds generally work out to four autos and six relics per box, There are also numbered insert sets featuring Ken Griffey Jr. and Babe Ruth.

The base cards are all die-cuts. 

My box also included a box loader pack. I don't know if every box has one and if each one includes an auto, but mine did. It also included a Yankee Stadium Legacy card.

The rest of the autos follow:

That signature looks like mine did when I was about..ohhh...four years old.

I'm actually impressed that of the five autos I pulled, including the box loader, three of them are players I've heard of.

These redemptions are two per case. Mine is for #7 which was Alexei Ramirez, so nothing too bad to miss out on. If I had pulled the redemption for Carlos Gonzalez, Max Scherzer, or Clayton Kershaw I would have been a little more upset.

Next up the inserts:




These as well as the Babe Ruth insert come in a 1/1 parallel, of which there are two per case. (There are 100 different inserts of each.) I did not get lucky enough to pull one. But if you want a really good shot at pulling a 1/1 Griffey or Ruth card then 2008 SPx is the way to go.

And now the relics:





Patch relic 76/99

And the best for last...




  1. Bill Murphy's 'autograph' looks like a prototype for Wil Myers' autograph. I don't know how much those boxes cost, but it seems like you got a decent amount of value out of it.