Sunday, March 20, 2016

Show Cards

Last Saturday there was a show in Hickory, NC. I went in without looking for anything in particular. I always like to look through boxes of autos and relics to see if I can snag some gems. It seems like the last few shows I haven't been able to find much that interests me. I did find four cards this time though.

For the HoF relic PC


A preemptive addition. I hope Thome can be a first ballot electee in 2018 alongside Chipper Jones.


I think this is going to be Mookie's real breakout year. I'm going to make a bold prediction that he finishes in the top 5 in AL MVP voting.

Now this last one is..interesting.

This card has some odd aspects. First of all this is the thinnest relic card I've ever seen. It is not thicker than a regular card and doesn't have a protruding spot on the back like Upper Deck relics sometimes have. The window for the relic is oddly cut as well.

Here's the back to show you what I mean,

I know that 2002 was earlier on in the history of relic cards and maybe Topps was still getting their formula worked out. But it still makes no sense to me that they would cut off some of the writing on the back when they cut the window.

Now, does anyone else notice the biggest problem with this card?

Do you?


Greg Maddux won the '92 Cy in the first of his four in a row. In fact Smoltz didn't even get a vote.. Smoltz did win the Cy Young in 1996. I understand that errors happen, and still do on Topps cards, but it surprises me that something like this made it through QC.