Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Over the last couple weeks I've had three redemptions fulfilled. Two from Panini and one from Topps.

I had an outstanding redemption for a 2012 Bowman Platinum Guillermo Pimentel prospect auto. This card has loooooong since been made but they never sent it to me. Besides that, Pimentel is a low level OF prospect for the Mariners who will almost certainly never make it to the majors. I requested a replacement Braves auto and a few weeks later received this card.

Nothing special, and I didn't expect anything special since the Pimentel is a dollar auto. At least I got a players I'm familiar with. Simmons is a flame thrower who was one of the unfortunate victims of Roger McDowell's injury inducing tutelage. He's attempting a comeback this year and hopefully things will pan out.


This is the redemption from the box of Classics I opened just a couple weeks ago. Super quick fulfillment from Panini. I entered the redemption code on Wednesday evening and got a shipping notice on Friday morning.


This one is from the box of 2013 America's Pastime I opened back in January. Almonte ended up not panning out and to my knowledge has not been signed by a team since the Braves released him about  year ago. Still a cool card with a nice on-card auto. Panini sent this one in a magnetic case too. I guess they give it more value since it's a National Treasures card even though it would likely only sell for a few dollars at most on eBay.

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