Friday, March 18, 2016

eBay cards Part 1

I just can't help myself. It's always one of those days when I work 6 to 3 and get home in the afternoon bored and sleepy. I lay down on my bed and inevitably end up on my phone browsing eBay and eventually buy a few cards. Well it happened again! Here are the first four from my most recent spree.


I wish the Braves would have given Minor just one more shot to make it through a season without getting injured. Not like it would have hurt them this year to try. He showed so much promise in 2012 and 2013. I wish him the best of luck with the Royals. 


While Joe entered the HoF for his accomplishments as a manager rather than as a player, I'm still gonna count this one as good enough for my HoF relic PC.


FF seems to be flying under the radar a little bit these days with his injury issues and being the best player on an awful team. I was able to snag this card at auction for a lot less than a FF patch/auto /10 would have gone for a couple years ago.


So there's actually a reason I bought this card. At the Charlotte show a couple weeks ago I bought a magnetic booklet holder for the Tim Salmon/Troy Glaus booklet I got from 2013 America's Pastime. But silly old me didn't use my brain and I bought a horizontal holder instead of the vertical holder I needed. I went ahead and ordered the correct holder but I still had the horizontal holder with no card for it. So I went looking for a correctly shaped booklet to fill my empty holder. Somehow I managed to land this Josh Donaldson jumbo relic booklet from 2015 National Treasures at auction for just $13.50!! There were 11 bids. A jumbo relic booklet /10 of the reigning AL MVP from the highest end baseball card set there is...for just $13.50. This is the stuff of nightmares for rip and flippers. And the stuff of dreams for collectors like me. It looks very nice in it's display case.

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  1. Nice score on that Donaldson for sure. Your right about Freddie too,it's nice