Friday, March 11, 2016

Show Box 4- 2013 Topps Five Star

So Five Star (pre-2015) has always been one of those high end products that I considered out of my price range. It was something nice to see online and maybe watch some breaks of, but it was something I definitely could not afford. Well at the show one of the regular dealers had a case of 2013. He said he'd had it since 2013 and somehow forgot about it among his inventory. He recently found it and just wanted to get rid of it. He had one remaining box marked at $175. This stuff was like $350-400 a box when it came out. I could not pass up that deal and the opportunity for something big at such a steep discount.


Thankfully not yet expired. I wouldn't be surprised if I end up having to substitute this since Topps seems to like using both Five Star and Machado as replacements for other redemptions.


Dude really bears down with the sharpie. I haven't seen any Matt Williams autos that would likely grade a BGS 10.



Well at least I got one HoFer, albeit a low end one.


So it turned out to be a less than stellar box. At $175 it wasn't too hard to swallow. Had I opened this box in 2013 at $350 it would have huuuuuuuurt. Win some, lose some. Harper is PC. The rest are available for trade.

Got another show tomorrow!!

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  1. Love this product... especially 2013. I would have taken a shot at this stuff for that price too.