Saturday, March 19, 2016

eBay cards part 2

The other four cards from my most recent eBay spree.

Another new addition for my HoF relic PC.


And another.


And another Boog Powell who is juuuuust a little bit out of place on this card.

The last card is one of my rare vintage purchases. I came across it listed by a seller who I bought a 30 card Chipper Jones lot from. The seller actually had the card incorrectly listed as just being a 1939 Johnny Sain card and listed it at a $4 BIN. I did some research and discovered that it is actually a 1949 MP & Company R302-2 . This was a followup set to their R302-1 set released in 1943. This set used generic drawings to represent the players. As such, and unsurprisingly, it was not a very popular set at the time and is apparently not very popular currently among vintage collectors. Still, for $4 I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a vintage card of the sidekick to the more famous Warren Spahn. 

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