Friday, September 26, 2014

A couple more autos

In addition to my recent eBay spree I did recently pack pull two autos from retail.


Refractor auto pulled from a blaster.

This one came from a '13 GQ rack pack that was in a Wal-Mart repack.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bonus time

Just like your average Joe, I don't like my job very much. But I do work for a company that is nice enough to treat its employees to a quarterly bonus if we meet certain quotas and other criteria. I don't get a lot of money for it and would certainly like more but I look at it as free money that I otherwise wouldn't have. As such I tend to go on card buying sprees with it. My last check just so happened to be the one with the 3rd quarter bonus so I went on an eBay buying spree. Here are the cards I've gotten in so far and I still have a few more on the way.




This one is for my HoF relic PC


Also for the HoF relic PC


I think the swatches in all of my Brandon Beachy relics all came from the same jersey.


This Mike Minor patch card from 2014 TTT is one of my favorites. I was quite surprised to win it and for a lot less than I thought it would go for.


I've been wanting to own a Drew Storen auto for awhile now simply for how unique his 


My first Mike Minor auto! And another one that came cheaper than I thought it would. I guess it pays off to PC guys who aren't superstars or have below average seasons.

(Sorry Gavin, this one is PC!!)

Thorman seemed to have a bright future with the Braves back in the mid 2000's. Unfortunately his career never panned out. He had a short stint with the Braves in 2006 and spent most of the season with the team in 2007 but he never played in another MLB game after failing to make the team in 2008. He did play for Team Canada in the 2006 and 2009 World Baseball Classics. He is currently a coach for the Burlington Royals of the rookie level Appalachian League. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hit Parade Pt. 2

This post will focus on the autographs that I got in my eight packs of Hit Parade from Dave and Adam's.

Probably the lowest end of the autos along with the Dolis above. But at least this one is a Brave.

This one came with the fingerprints all over it. I'll just pretend that they belong to Rosario.

Did not expect to pull an auto numbered that low.

A really sweet looking acetate card.

Needless to say, those last three cards made me say "holy cow" when I pulled them. I really wasn't expecting to pull autos that good from a $10 repack product. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hit Parade Pt.1

As part of my most recent Dave and Adam's order I decided to give their repack product a shot. They call it "Hit Parade" hence the title. Each pack, which is really just a small bubble envelope, contains one relic, one auto and another card that is generally an insert. At $9.95 a pack it seemed like a pretty good deal regardless of what each pack contained. I ended up ordering eight packs. First up I'll show the relics and inserts that I got.

This was the biggest relic pull for me as I've been wanting to nab a Griffey Jr. relic for awhile.

As a relic fan I quite enjoyed these cards.

The insert cards they added were mostly common stuff from the last couple years of Topps. But two of the cards stood out to me.

The "The Elite" insert from last year's Topps flagship is super thick. The thickness as well as the design makes it look more like a Museum Collection base card to me. 

1985 Topps Kirby Puckett rookie card! And in pristine condition as well! 

Next post will include the autos and show why $9.95 per was an awesome deal.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Awesome Prizm box

Recently I got a good deal on a box of 2014 Panini Prizm. I liked the look of the cards this year with the photos being more colorful than the last two editions. And the powder in all its excessiveness didn't bother me too much. It turned out to be an excellent buy with an extra hit and extra Prizms.

Purple Prizm 52/99


Blue Mojo Prizm 68/75

This card is gorgeous in person.

A nice Trout insert

Red Prizm parallel 18/25

This box was a blast to bust. I would absolutely recommend it.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

A few recent eBay wins

I picked up this awesome Brandon Beachy patch/relic/auto #99/99 from 2013 Museum for all of $7.99 shipped. I imagine the seller was quite disappointed with that as it was up for auction with a BIN of $34.99. I hit the opening bid of $7.99 and never had any competition. As such I was able to add a sweet piece to my PC for an amazing price.

I landed this Glavine jumbo relic for $11.83 shipped and had some competition in doing so. I was quite surprised as I have been hunting a similar Freddie Freeman and they've been going to $20+.

This McCann jumbo relic came at $7.50 shipped. I harbor no ill will for McCann leaving Atlanta since I see a lot more upside in Bethancourt so it was nice to pick this card up at a good price.

Lastly, one evening I was perusing BIN autos that had free shipping. I came across these two Donruss autos from the same seller each which had a BIN of just $1.15 and free shipping. ONE DOLLAR AND FIFTEEN CENTS!!!!!!! I couldn't pass that up especially with it being two notable guys. So I got these two autos for exactly $2.30 total. I felt like that was quite the steal.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bowman Platinum

Hi guys. I only had one post last month. That was my worst month of blogging since I started. Hopefully September will be better. I finally got all my recent acquisitions scanned so I should have more material to share when I have the opportunity to get online.

The first thing I will show you is Bowman Platinum, as the title says. I picked up one hobby box but a few cards I'm showing are also from retail buys.

First up, the parallels.

I got this KB blue, excuse me "sapphire", refractor in the very first pack of retail I opened on release day. Not a bad start.

Purple refractors from retail rack packs

Of the major leaguer paper parallels I think the red looks the best by far. The gold and blue just don't pop off the card in person like the red does.

Green refractors

The gold was a pretty nice pull from the hobby box.

And now the autos

I pulled one auto from retail, the Bandilla on the left. Imagine my "joy" when I pulled another Bandilla from my hobby box. What are the odds of that? As such, one or both are absolutely available for trade.

The auto/relic solidified the hobby box as a Jesse Biddle hot box. The jersey swatch is almost certainly from the 2013 Futures game. I just wish these were on card autos like the regular prospect auto cards. 

More posts coming soon!