Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Off Hiatus Trade

Recently Tony from Off Hiatus Baseball and I worked out a trade. He had a lot of Brewers and PC needs that I was able to fulfill and in exchange he sent me some sweet cards. As many of you have discovered, Tony is an awesome and generous trading partner.

First up were these two base cards from this year's edition of Museum Collection. These are great high end base cards on nice, thick cardstock. Both cards fit nicely into my PC.



A lot of baseball fans would think I'm crazy for having my second favorite team being a division rival of my favorite. But I like the Nats quite a bit. And on that note Tony also sent me a couple of Ryan Zimmerman relics that he was more than happy to unload.

*Bonus points for a swatch from an alternate jersey.

And lastly we have this Mark Teixeira red *bonus points* jersey relic from 2008 A&G and from his short stint in Atlanta . The Braves gave up too much to get him and it didn't pan out, then took too little when they unloaded him to Anaheim. Still, it's a Braves relic!

Thanks for the trade Tony!

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