Sunday, July 13, 2014

2010 Topps Chrome box

Heritage Chrome



Topps 206 Chrome


Refractor 244/499

And lastly, the autos.

This one is looking like an auto of better and better value as Donaldson continues to become a key piece in Oakland's lineup. 

Another good auto.

Overall I feel like I did really well autos wise in getting two established players instead of guys who have floundered in the last four years. I should add though that I really dislike the silver/grey space for the signatures. Blue ink just does not stand out well on it. It looks much better on a white background and I'm glad they made the switch in 2011.

A couple thoughts on the box overall: oddly besides refractors I didn't get any color base parallels. Also, 2010 Chrome is notorious for the warping of the cards. Apparently this was due to Topps switching to a new printer in 2010 and they didn't get the material formula right. Well when I opened the box the packs were nice and flat. But as I took them out I saw them start to curve right before my eyes. Thank goodness Topps solved this issue in subsequent Chrome releases. 


  1. Not a bad box of Topps Chrome. Of course to me, anything with Topps Chrome is the way to go

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