Monday, June 23, 2014

2000 Topps Stars hobby box

Recently I found a hobby box from this obscure (to me at least) set. And lemme tell ya, it was a blast to open!
There were four different types of cards in the base sets.



Veteran and HoF "Spotlights"

These look like they would be inserts but they are part of the base set.

These HoF cards are also part of the also base set despite looking like inserts, and very cool ones at that.

Blue parallel #262/299

The set does contain hits but they are a very tough pull and I didn't get any. But that's ok cause the inserts are pretty awesome!

All of the cards in this set are beauties. Dave and Adam's has boxes right now for $35. If you've got the itch to bust some wax at a good price with some gorgeous cards I highly recommend taking advantage of this while it's still available. 

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