Friday, July 11, 2014

2008 Topps Chrome box

Another great price for some great cards that I didn't have.

First up are the inserts.

Heritage Chrome inserts #/1959

Heritage Chrome refractor #403/559

There were a handful of chrome versions of the 2008 "Trading Card History" insert. This is a refractor parallel #328/400. Excellent edition to my collection.

Next up are color parallels.

Copper refractor 565/599


And another Delgado, with a much lower number.

Red refractor #02/25

According to the pack this is a red parallel. But it looks just like this scan. A dark pink hue according to my eyes.

And finally the autos.

Refractor #270/500

And I showed the night I busted the box...


This would have been a nice card to have. They were eventually made and aren't all that expensive, so I may buy one just so I can have it in my collection.

Even despite pulling a long expired redemption this box was blast to bust. And given the price, $35 I think, I may well order another at some point.

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