Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Beautiful Bowman Waves

I don't normally buy retail from a specific set after I start getting a lot of duplicates. But that's not the case with 2014 Bowman. Since my local Walmarts are very bad about keeping their shelves stocked with a variety of sets, and they haven't been stocking the repacks that I like, I've been having to stick to Bowman. Normally in this situation I would just hold off until they decide to stock something new. But Bowman...oh man..Bowman..It's like that girl you just can't get over. And it's not the base set. Sure there are lot's of great prospects in the set some of whom will make a big splash in the majors in a few years. But what I really love about Bowman this year is the inserts and parallels. A lot of people think the number of parallels has gone past overkill, but I love them.

Well today after work I went across the road to Walton's Cheap Ass Imported Plastic Crap to see if they had an Series 2. They didn't. So naturally I bought a Bowman rack pack. The first two packs were pretty good for inserts.


But then for the last pack I tore it open and behind the first base card I saw orange. Lots of orange.

Orange Wave Refractor Hot Pack!!!!!

I'm not entirely sure what the odds of getting on of these are. I've seen some people get two or three hot packs out of only a few racks. And others who have said they opened 50+ racks without getting one. Still, I feel lucky to have landed one. Like usual the scanner doesn't do the cards justice. They're beauties in person.

Green Wave Refractor Parallel


Pulling these cards was a thrill. Maybe even more so than pulling an auto would have been. This probably won't be my last Bowman purchase.

PS: I work with a guy that looks exactly like Toby Jones and I think of that video every time I see him.


  1. My Wal Mart doesn't have jack.

    Make sure you get your College World Series bracket filled out!

  2. That's a great group of Orange, Andrew! Great pack!