Saturday, June 7, 2014

Trade with a Movie Star

Well not quite. But Mr. DHoff of Coot Veal and the Vealtones does have the same name as a famous actor and his blog is awesome so close enough.

Anyways, recently Dustin asked if I would trade a Justin Verlander relic I'd pulled from a repack. We played email tag for a couple weeks and worked out a deal. He sent me an awesome trade package chock full of Braves cardboard excellence. The main centerpiece was two relics I picked out from his trade bait page. He added a whole bunch of cards of all my favorite Braves players, none of which I had surprisingly. The best two cards were of the sweet 70's vintage style. These were a welcome addition to my collection as I have almost nothing from before the mid 80s.

1972 Topps: 1971 NL Home Run Leaders

This also happens to be my first vintage card of the home run king.

1975 Mini

Another awesome addition to my collection. I know this set is a favorite among many collectors and this is my first.

Of course I can't forget the two relics that I chose in the first place.

Finally picked up a relic of the new Hall of Famer.

Not exactly a Braves card. But a Braves player nonetheless and my first Mike Minor relic.

Thanks for the great trade Dustin!!!

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