Friday, January 31, 2014

What shall I do?

The last couple evenings I've been going through older sections of my collection and pulling cards that I deem to be more valuable to keep in my "good cards" 5k count box. In doing so I've realized that I have a lot of cards that hold little to no sentimental value to me and are worth nothing. This includes a lot of junk wax era sets and others that just aren't important to me. I would like to get rid of these cards to free up valuable storage space for new stuff as well as cards I've acquired in the last year. I have whole boxes that I opened that still have all the cards inside as well as fully collated stacks sitting around waiting to be put in something.

So, what do you guys think is the best way to unload these cards? Particularly if you've done something similar yourself. Is it possible to give these away? I know I can't sell them. Or should I just throw them away?

PS: We're mostly talking about late 80s-early 90s stuff from all brands.

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  1. The oddball, update, lesser known sets, or inserts/parallels are good for trading (so if you have any Angels I'd be interested), the rest of the junk wax I would just donate to a charity. Thats what I've done.