Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Opening Day

I can't wait for it! I'm sure you can't either. But that's not what I'm here to talk about. I'm curious what you guys think about Topps' Opening Day baseball release that they put out in late-ish March every year. I've never once bought any of this product before since it is basically just a preview of Series 2 without foil on the cards and with a lot less hits. Sometimes no actual player hits at all. I know in recent years they've had "hits" like mascot autographs or General Manager autographs (why?). Honestly these don't interest me in the slightest bit. Now obviously the price point for Opening Day is a big draw as a retail pack is normally 99 cents as opposed to $2 for a pack of S1, 2 and Update. As I said I've never bought any Opening Day before since I buy lots of the rest of the flagship series. But do you guys think it's worth buying packs of this stuff?


  1. My son and I put together last years Opening Day set and had a lot of fun doing so! Plus it was affordable. We didn't get any "hits" but there are still great photographs and a lot of fun cards!

    1. The price point is definitely a huge plus for me because my card budget is limited. Some different insert sets could be cool but the base set itself doesn't interest me much since it is basically just a preview of Series 2.

  2. I feel its redundant with Topps Base. I would collect it if there wasn't base and be happy with it. But there is base. Just Topps exercising their monopoly.... Either or Topps. either or.