Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas boxes- part 4

Back when I ordered all of these boxes I was all about Gypsy Queen. Since I was just returning to the hobby this year I was really loving this set since it was so different than the flagship and chrome sets I collected previously. So when I ordered the boxes I included a retail box of '13 GQ. Fast forward to Christmas and after opening lots of other sets that were new to me, like Allen & Ginter, I wasn't quite as wowed by GQ. However this was still a fun box to break and I got some nice cards from it.



Of course it had to be Uggla...


Definitely the best card in the box.

I didn't realize until I opened the box that there was a guaranteed hit. It didn't say anything on the outside but it did on the inside lip. I didn't know that retail boxes ever had guaranteed hits. This isn't a great one but still a hit nonetheless.

I'll most likely get some Gypsy Queen this year again. Probably start with some retail packs or a blaster. This time I might pick up a hobby box once the price drops some.

More to come!

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