Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas boxes- part 3

The next two boxes I busted were a 2012 Topps series 1 hobby box and a series 2 jumbo rack pack box. Dave and Adam's apparently has a huge inventory of the rack pack boxes and has been trying to give them away every time they have a sale. I also see them in their daily deals about every other week. Since I had not collected the '12 flagship series this was an excellent way to get the full set plus a bunch of inserts for really cheap.

Since I'm sure you guys all blogged these sets to death in 2012 I won't bother with showing you anything except one card from each box.

Here is the promised hit from the S1 hobby box.


That is not Dodger blue. At least not to my eyes. If you look at the picture of DeJesus it is obvious that the swatch is a considerably lighter hue than his hat. What do you think? I think it looks more like the blue from those alternate jerseys the Rays wear sometimes. A quick COMC search shows that the Ivan DeJesus cards identical to this one also have a swatch of this color. So what is it that we have here?

Now the rack pack box promised zero hits but I landed a really nice one in the next to last pack in the box.


Unfortunately it arrived with the upper left corner slightly bent as you can see in the scan. That would ruin the resale value but since I don't sell my cards it doesn't really matter since it isn't catastrophic damage. Definitely a great pull at 1:2,630 packs.

More to come!


  1. The DeJesus card is a piece of jersey from a Brooklyn throwback the Dodgers wore one game.

    1. Ohhh ok. In that case that's cool. I like throwback jerseys. Thanks for the explanation!