Sunday, May 1, 2016

Show Box 2- 2016 Diamond Kings

So I was a big fan of Panini's resurrection of Diamond Kings last year. As such I was really looking forward to this year's release. My first box did not disappoint. 

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I was a big fan of the design of last year's base set and a HUGE fan of the cardstock they used that gave a canvas type feel to the cards. I think this year's set looks even better!! This might be, in my opinion, the best looking baseball card set I've ever seen. 

Image variation

The cards are so gorgeous.

Artist's Proof #05/99

Framed Parallel


Now this card has me so confused. According to the checklist the framed cards numbered /99 are blue. The framed cards that are black are /1. This card is /99. The frame is black. I don't have a problem differentiating blue and black. It's black. My scanner made it a little brighter than it is in person. It's definitely black. Looking at eBay doesn't really help with this particular card but other /99 examples look a lot more blue to me than this one does. So I am wondering if perhaps this one was an error that received the wrong color frame. Any ideas?

The inserts were a the weak link in the 2015 version of DK. This year Panini knocked it out of the park. 


I love pulling PC hits!!


Already redeemed. These don't appear to be live yet but Arrieta autos from Donruss are live so I don't expect these to take too awful long.

So like I said at the beginning this box did not disappoint. I know I most likely got a better than average box hits wise. But regardless of the hits Panini has produced another stellar edition of Diamond Kings. Topps will rue the day that Panini gets a full MLB license if they continue to churn out gems like this.

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