Saturday, April 30, 2016

Show Box 1- 2015 Bowman Chrome jumbo

This was actually the last box I bought. It was the last box the dealer had and he had just taken off the shrink wrap to sell individual packs. He was selling the packs for $15 each. I asked him how much he wanted for the whole box and he sold it to me for just $120 because the box was already open, despite all the original packs being inside. This is $30 below the current Blowout price and a whopping $50 under his per pack price!! Definitely a good deal in my book!!

Refractor #065/499

Refractor #118/499

Refractor #444/499

Purple Refractor #226/250

Blue Refractor #065/150

Blue Refractor #104/150

Base Auto

I pulled a J.D. Davis blue auto from the last chrome jumbo I opened.

Base Auto

Refractor Auto #056/499

Purple Refractor #064/250

Green Refractor Rookie Auto #77/99

Overall I was pretty pleased with this box, especially at the price I got it for. Three color autos is, I believe, better than normal. I'm pleased to see that all four of the prospect auto players have nice looking signatures rather than completely illegible scribbles. And I really like the Rasiel Iglesias green RC auto. Falling at 1:503 packs the green RC autos fall about one in every 5+ cases. So this was a nice card to pull, particularly of one of the lone bright spots on a bad team. 


  1. Andrew, any chance the Bellinger is available for trade?

  2. Nice Bellinger. The prices on his autographs during Spring Training were insane.

    1. Definitely. Raw purples are still going for around $50 at auction on eBay. A BGS black label went over $300.