Sunday, September 6, 2015

I'm still here

This is my first post since July 28th. This is the first time since I started blogging in June of 2013 that I've gone more than a month without posting. Part of this is a lack of content to post about. Mostly it's because I just haven't had time. August means the start of school which also means the start of the high school marching band season, during which I am the head brass instructor for a highly competitive group. So between that and my "real" job I don't have a lot of time. There are some days that I leave the house at 5:30 AM and don't get home until 10:30 PM, only to do it again the next day. So needless to say I haven't had much time to think about baseball cards.

One day last week while taking lunch I found myself on eBay and ended up adding some late 90s-early 00's inserts to my Chipper Jones PC.

This one is my favorite. It seems to be an acetate type card.

I also picked up this Christian Bethancourt 2015 Panini Elite Members Only Prime Patch numbered 13/25.

It felt good to add a few cards to my collection. I have a couple more posts in the pipeline and hopefully I can get back to my usual hobby habits soon enough.


  1. I have none of those Chippers, that patch is sweet.

  2. I love the inserts for the late 90s and early 2000s, great looking pick ups.