Friday, September 25, 2015

A very nice box of Topps Chrome

The final box I picked up at the new LCS was a hobby box of 2015 Topps Chrome. It turned out pretty nicely.

Prizm refractors



I'll add that while I like chrome parallels, I don't like this year's regular refractors. They're just less "refractory" than normal and there isn't anything on the back to indicate what they are like have had in years past. 

These Chrome Culminations inserts are 1:288 packs, ie. one per case. Woo insert case hit!!

Not a bad auto to pull. Far from the worst name on the checklist, though I do think Baez is going to be a flop. I think Topps really screwed up in switching the auto area back to silver. It was awful before and it's awful again. Next year they need to return to the white area. It really makes the auto pop a lot better than the silver.


At 1:1,082 packs this is another case hit in the same box!! Needless to say I was pretty pumped to pull this card. I do have one complaint though. For once my scanner is accurate, the orange really is that dull looking. I wish it was more vibrant as it would go well with the Giants orange.

That's all from my trip to the "new" LCS. Until next time!


  1. All 2015 Chrome boxes will kneel down before this one and shout out... we're not worthy... we're not worthy! Amazing box. Congratulations.

  2. Great box break. I was interested in your McCann prizm ref and your Chapman pink ref from your prior post if you wanted to trade. Contact me at ttorcato AT aol Dot com.