Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fan Pack

A few weeks ago I came across a blog by a guy who gets fan packs from sports teams and posts about their contents. It made me curious to see what kind of free loot I could get. I searched through every MLB team's official website and as it turns out the Braves were the only team that had an obvious method for requesting a fan pack. So I put in my mailing info and less than two weeks later a thick envelope bearing the Braves logo showed up in my mailbox.

The letter was basically a "Give us your money" plea. But it did list the items contained in the fan pack. It included a pocket schedule, Braves bumper sticker, "signed" picture of Freddie Freeman and a little baggie of Turner Field infield dirt.

The letter stated that the picture was signed. I would have flipped out if they sent me a real Freddie Freeman autograph. But I didn't expect that much and the signature is of course a facsimile. 

This is genuine Turner Field infield dirt, so they say. It's an interesting, though useless, little bit of memorabilia. 

Regardless of what they sent me it was pretty cool to get some free stuff in the mail from my favorite baseball team. 


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    It's past for this year, but if you sign up for the Sox kids club, you get some pretty sweet free stuff.

  3. Awesome fanpack man. Even if the autograph is a facsimile, it's still cool you got some stuff for dirt cheap (see what I did there ;), yeah I'll see myself out).