Friday, November 22, 2013

The worst sportscard product ever created

At the end of my post about the Fairfield repack I mentioned that there was one more pack that needed it's own post. That pack was 2012 Leaf The Living Legend - Pete Rose

I've seen hobby boxes of this product on sale for less than $15 and each box guarantees a Pete Rose auto. That should tell you right away how awful this stuff is. Here's some proof.

Talk about an unflattering photo.

Because this is totally a shot that should go on a baseball card.

Leaf doesn't have MLB rights just like everyone that isn't Topps. So I don't get why they airbrushed out the Expos logos on Rose but not the guy sitting in the dugout behind them. They also refer to the teams by name on the cards and not just the city. They use "Reds", "Phillies" and "Expos". How has Leaf not been sued for this? They deserve to be.

This is the absolute worst pack of cards I have ever opened. There are no color photos. No stats on the back. The writing on the back doesn't even say anything interesting about Rose's career. It just sums up what the photo on the front is like, "Photo shows Rose waiting on deck while leaning on his bat." Literally, that is what every card is like. I can't believe anyone actually spent money on this product. I was fine with there being junk wax in the repack but this trumps it all. It is the full embodiment of JUNK WAX. I feel sorry for the trees that died to make this terrible product. What a load of shit.

Leaf made some good sets back in the day but this is the best, or worst, example of what a sad company it is now. I hate to say this but Leaf deserves to go out of business if they're going to try to foist this kind of horseshit on collectors. Before even getting this pack I had lost respect for Leaf because of the guy who runs their Twitter account. Rather than promoting his company he spends all his time trashing the other card companies and arguing with people who call him out on it. If they were struggling simply because of not having rights then I could feel sorry for them. But the fact that they put out such shitty ass products like this rather than making halfway decent stuff like Panini really ruins the company in my eyes.

Sorry for the rant. =)

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