Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fabric and a little bit of incomprehensible ink

Today I finally got caught up on scanning everything that I've picked up recently so I had to think for a minute about what I wanted to show and talk about in this post. I decided to go ahead and show off my last two acquisitions from my recent eBay binge as well as a lucky pull.

First from eBay:

I got this Brandon Beachy Relic Emerald Parallel 16/18 from '13 Triple Threads for for an incredible price, $2.50 I believe. I was the only person to bid on the auction. Of course the seller advertised it as having five jersey swatches. But as we all know with it being TRIPLE Threads there are three swatches with five cut windows. Plus I love relics that use alternate jerseys. Much more interesting then the normal bland home white or road grey. 

This CJ Wilson Unity Auto Jumbo Relic Sepia Parallel 20/75 was another surprisingly cheap auction win. About $5 IIRC and that was with four or five other bidders. The relic fabric is very soft, not like a normal jersey. Since it's red it obviously is not from pants so I guess the Angels use a more cotton, t-shirt like jersey material. On the other hand, what is up with that signature? I understand that these guys sign tons of stuff throughout the season plus the hundreds of stickers and cards they sign for Topps. But can't you at least have a signature that actually looks kind of like your name?

Now recently I was in Target and of course picked up some cards, most of which I will blog about in the near future. But they had one lonesome loose pack of 2013 Series 2 left in the box and of course I couldn't leave it there all lonely. This goodie was inside...

Pablo Sandoval Chasing History Relic Gold Parallel 02/99

WHAT?! I've pulled a good number of hits from non-flagship retail packs this year but nothing from flagship. And not to mention that this one somehow managed to elude the pack searchers and was in the last pack left in the box! Wow!! And like I mentioned above, I love it when alternate jerseys are used for relics, especially this nice bright orange.

That pack was probably my last flagship purchase until 2014 Series 1 comes out in a couple months. Quite a nice send-off for 2013!

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