Friday, November 29, 2013

Mega Box Mania

Yeah, what the title says. I've been seeing tons of posts from bloggers and on the Blowout forums about the 2013 edition of the Topps Baseball Mega Box. A lot of people seemed to be having great luck with them. So despite my earlier pledge to not buy any more Update Series I decided to pick up a box for the Update Chrome. The regular update packs were just a bonus. I did notice that the regular Update packs are 8 card packs that are guaranteed to be hitless just like packs from a blaster. But I was ok with that.

So I went to Wally World and while they had about 10 boxes in stock I took the first one on the shelf. The box didn't disappoint.

I didn't like the look of the Bret Saberhagen Postseason Heroes card I pulled from Update a couple weeks ago. This chrome Mo Rivera though I like a lot.

A very nice Michael Young Gold Refractor # 008/250

Surprisingly though the best card in the box came from the regular update packs.

My first Short Print Variation from the flagship series! Cool photo too with David Wright's glove seemingly suspended in mid-air.

This was a fun box to break but at $15 this will be the only one I'll break. The price is a little steep for what it contains.

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