Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Recent Acquisitions

The last couple weeks I've gone a little bit eBay happy with autos, relics, and auto-relics. I've managed to score some good deals. It also helps that I'm a night owl so I've been able to win a couple auctions that ended when all the other bidders were probably asleep. I wasn't looking for anything in particular so I've ended up with a nice variety of players and teams. I did get a couple Braves though. Here are a few of the cards I've won.

A nice Brandon Beachy full size relic from this year's A&G.Alternate navy jersey.

Sogard isn't a star by any means. I was able to get this auto as well as his rookie cards from A&G, Bowman and Bowman Chrome for $1.50 plus shipping.

These next three cards came together as a lot and were a great price. Only about $2.75 IIRC.

I'm not all that fond of this one honestly. I think it is because the colors of the card are so bland. If the swatch was a brighter color it maybe would improve things, but honestly I think this was just a bad design by UD. Grey and brown was not a good choice.

Come on man, keep it on the sticker! I really like the card though. It is thicker than most normal auto cards. The sticker is actually inside a sunken window like a relic. My scanner made it look like a white background but it is actually a silver refractor.

I love this one. The older style cardboard is so great for autos. And when it's on-card I have no problem with him going outside the lines.

I have a couple higher end cards that I'll show you guys soon plus a few more that haven't arrived yet.

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