Monday, January 11, 2016

2010 Bowman Chrome box

The next box in my order was 2010 Bowman Chrome. These boxes are super cheap for good reason. 2010 was the year of the terribly bowed chrome cards, as well as a kinda meh auto checklist. Still, because they're so cheap they can be a fun break with little risk. 

The box ended up being unsurprisingly average, but with a good auto. Only three cards were worthy of scanning.

Topps 100 Gold Refractor 03/50

At 1:610 packs this is a tough pull. But 5+ years after release DeJesus is one of the lesser names to pull. Oh well. Not counting regular refractors this was the only color in the entire box.

USA Refractor 438/500

I was pleasantly surprised to pull Kyle Seager as the auto. Looking at the checklist in reference to current day he is probably in the top 5 best autos in the set. 

More cards coming soon!


  1. Love the Seager Auto!

    I'm hoping to find one of his brother's Autographs in the next few months before he sets the world on fire :)

    Nick J.

  2. Where do you buy your boxes from?

    1. I generally order boxes from or