Thursday, January 14, 2016

2008 Upper Deck SPx - Box 2

And here is box two of 2008 Upper Deck SPx.

Giffey Inserts




Box topper

And in the very first pack...

At least it's two autos of a guy I've actually heard of.

Oh yeah!! A Tex auto from his short tenure with the Braves. That is a rarity. Before I opened these boxes I wondered if I would possibly pull any Braves hits. I never pull Braves hits so this was a welcome surprise.

This one would have been Evan Longoria. I already have his auto so not being able to redeem this doesn't hurt so bad. These rookie auto redemptions fall two per case. This is the second one of these I've pulled in three boxes of the product. The one of one Griffey and Babe Ruth inserts also fall two per case. I would MUCH rather have pulled one of those. Oh well. I'm sure I'll open more of these as long as they're available so maybe I'll get lucky down the road.



Very nice pull of the new Hall of Famer and an addition to my HoF relic PC. Unfortunately it came out the pack damaged, as I'm sure you can see. It looks like the card was almost bent in half and there is a big chip on the top edge above the SPx logo. All of the cards in that pack were damaged in a similar manner but the rest of the box was fine. So I'm guessing that the damage occurred after packout but before boxing. Nothing I can do about it now.






And the patch card..


Dual patch!!

So to say the least this box was a big step up from the last one. Francisco Liriano and Mark Teixeira autos, Griffey (damaged) relic and a dual patch. And two Braves hits in one box!

I love 2008 SPx!!

More boxes coming soon! 

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