Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Show Box #2- 2013 Topps Mini

This was an odd box for me to buy, really. I stated before how much I dislike mini cards. I hate having to deal with all the minis you get when you bust GQ, A&G and the mini inserts Topps has put in flagship before. I already have the regular version of the card, why would I want another one but in miniature form? They just create storage problems. So obviously it is odd that I would buy this box. But after I had purchased everything I wanted I still had $25 left. Some people might just put it back in their pocket and leave or search out a few singles but not me. I want wax. Cheap wax in this case but wax nonetheless. One of the dealers that's always in attendance and I often buy from usually has some cheap older boxes. I noticed he had just one box of 2013 Mini with a price of $25. Nothing else on his table caught my eye and I was a little hesitant at first. But based on what I've see of the hobby box versions of mini it is an under-printed and also under-opened product. I say it's under-printed because low numbered parallels and printing plates are not difficult to pull. And of course Topps would keep a low print run for an online only product that they themselves have to sell rather than foisting it by the pallet load on to dealers and distributors. So I decided to go for the box. Afterall it guaranteed one hit and should contain a few parallels numbered under 100. It turned out to be a smart buy.





See what I mean? The gold parallels are the highest numbered parallels in the set at 62.


Each box contains one auto or relic.

Kinda boring for a hit but at least the jersey swatch has a pinstripe.

Oh an also..

I pulled a plate!!

Here's the back.

I own a couple others plates that I bought on eBay but this is the first one I've pulled myself and the second 1 of 1 I've ever pulled. 

So in conclusion I went into opening this box with low expectations and ended up quite happy with the results. This is actually kinda fun to open. The packs are not saturated with inserts like regular flagship. It's set up basically so that in every five packs you have three that are just base cards, one with an insert and one with a parallel. It reminds me a little more of cards around 2000 before you could buy a pack where only half the cards were regular base cards. 

This is not a product I would likely buy multiple boxes of because of storage limitations. But for a one off break it was enjoyable.