Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Show box #1- 2015 Topps Update jumbo

The dealer I bought this box from is usually $10-20 above Blowout prices. He didn't have a price on them and when I inquired about them he had to think about it. He said $89 a box. The current price on Blowout is $99.95. I got a good deal there. I didn't pull a case hit or anything but I still got some good cards.




I like how the borders on the color parallels are actually shiny.

The odds on the packs say that the Topps Originals stamped buybacks are seeded at 1:5 packs so I should have gotten two. Oddly enough I pulled seven of them, one in every pack that didn't contain a hit. I don't know if I just got a hot box for them, which seems kinda dumb, or if Topps just decided to put a lot more in after they had already printed the odds on the packs. Has anyone else run into this?


This is my favorite insert set from Update. Baseball players are certainly known for having lots of funny and odd superstitions and this set highlights a few of them. For one, I had no idea that Chipper Jones would go into the clubhouse after batting practice and play computer solitaire until five minutes before game time and would do it before every single game.

Stats back variation

This card is HEAVY. And of course typical Topps putting the coin in crooked.

Topps is really good about filling flagship with autos from players I've never heard of. I think Johnny Cueto is the only good auto I've ever pulled from flagship.


Gold parallel, but a Yankee...meh.

And lastly..in one pack I pulled this card

Followed immediately by this card

This is maybe a $10 card at best based on eBay sales, but it was probably the best card in the box.


  1. Pretty much every break I've seen of this product included a lot more buybacks than the odds would suggest. I guess someone went crazy with the foil stamp and they figured they might as well pack out all of them.

  2. Are you trying to trade that Gardner?

    1. It is available for trade if you're interested. Email me at quinniethetrumpetman (at) yahoo (dot) com

  3. Are you trying to trade that Gardner?