Sunday, December 13, 2015

One Patch Two Patch

One recent evening I was bored and found myself on eBay. I went to my favorite seller's listings to see what nice baseball stuff he had available and came away with two sweet patch cards, one of which is a big PC addition.


First up is this sweet Lyle Overbay patch/auto from 2005 Donruss Prime Patches. The gold section is even sparkly! What I find interesting is this card is from a 2005 product. Overbay not only played for the Brewers in 2005, but also spent 2004 in Milwaukee. I guess Donruss wanted to use the jersey material they had and show the player in the uniform for the team the patch is from, despite him not having played there in two years. The original price the seller had one this card was a little high in my opinion, based on the player, so I made a slightly lower offer and he accepted it immediately.


MEGA PC addition!!!

When I saw this one I immediately hit the BIN. He had it listed for $22 and change with a BO option. I suppose I could have negotiated on this one too but that would have been stupid in my part. $22 shipped for a patch card of a recent fan favorite HoF inductee, and a big PC player for me, AND a HoF relic PC card...I'll take it! This card could have very easily slipped through my fingers if I had hesitated. It's a beauty!!


  1. That Glavine patch is like half an"a"

  2. I loved the Prime Patches set. While not many choices for Pirates during this time I still made it a habit to try and get as many as possible. Cool cards!

  3. That Glavine patch is a thing of beauty. And you can never go wrong with anything from the final waves of Donruss releases - those products were absolutely loaded, even if most of the players haven't held their value in the years since.