Monday, October 13, 2014

The best bargain in the hobby

Repacks. Yep. I really feel like these are the best bargain in the hobby. But not just any repack. I've noticed that the Wal-mart $20 are steadily decreasing in value. First they were 12 packs + 4 rack packs. Then it was 12 packs and two random hits. Then it was 11 packs. And now the repack boxes my local Wal-marts have are 8 packs and 4 rack packs...for $20. What's worse is the packs visible in the windows on the box are things like Panini Triple Play and 5 card Topps flagship packs from drug stores. I'm not going to waste my money on these anymore.

Now you're probably wondering why I was talking about great value but went on a rant about the decreasing value of repacks. Well while Wal-mart is getting stingy, Target remains strong as ever! I LOVE Target repacks. 20 packs per box and a random hit. And the boxes I've bought haven't contained anything older than 2007. Well recently I bought four of these boxes in one go and did so well that the next day I went back and bought the other four they still had on the shelf. First up I will show the guaranteed hits that were in the boxes. The next post will have all the awesome cards I pulled.

These were the guaranteed hits (one per box)


This one struck me as a little weird. The Leaf authentication stamp was applied after the sticker was put on the card...a regular base card. Typical Leaf half-assery.

Some pretty decent cards though that Fairfield used as guaranteed repack hits. My favorite is definitely the Piazza.


  1. I actually like that stamp from Leaf. It's like a corporate seal of sorts and give a nice tactile feel to the card.

  2. I agree - the Piazza is excellent. The Chris Young looks good, too. Very colorful.

  3. The Kerry Wood is nice. Can't wait to see the rest.