Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bowman Chrome box

Since it seems like Bowman Chrome isn't being released in retail this year, at least not in any of my local stores, I recently picked up a box. It seems like this is a product that continues to fall flat on it's face every year. At least it has since the big releases that had Strasburg and Harper. I'll let the cards speak for themselves mostly.

The thing about the ever evolving die-cut shapes is that while some of them look pretty cool, they're a nightmare to get into a penny sleeve.

Refractor #167/500

Purple 061/150
Blue 114/250

I totally would pull two parallels of the same player and it totally would be a Yankee.

Static Wave Refractor (or whatever the heck it's called) 13/15

I find it strange that Topps decided to add a whole bunch more parallels but make even the basic refractors serial numbered. So while each individual parallel is rarer, I think you actually get more serial numbered cards per box than in previous years.

Topps gave themselves away that they have these players sign all these cards at the same time as the regular Bowman release since the backs of the auto cards are the same as '14 Bowman and not the Sabermetric centric backs on Chrome. Both of my auto cards were also damaged out of the pack just like most people's it seems. One side on the backs is peeling up like they were exposed to water at some point. But since it seems to be a common problem and I'm not a reseller, I'm not worried about it. On the positive side, both of these guys have nice looking signatures.

All cards pictured as available for trade. And if anyone needs any base let me know and I'll see if I have it. 

On a super negative note, I did not get a single Braves card in the entire box. *ANGRY FACE*


  1. Love that Nola! His brother is even better...

  2. Nice break. That Pinder is apparently called a shimmer refractor but Topps/Bowman added so many parallels at once that everybody's struggling to keep up with what they're called/numbered to.

    That said, it looks like you had a pretty nice break. Austin Nola isn't exactly a top prospect but Miami's decision to send him to the AFL this year indicates that they see something worthwhile in him.
    If you're trading the Fred Lewis auto I'd love a shot at it. I have a few Barves I've been looking to move for a while.

  3. I'm interested in the Nola auto. Check out my trade bait at www.rivera42encarnacion10.blogspot.com
    If you find anything you want email me at caitlinjennings64@yahoo.ca