Sunday, October 19, 2014

My first fulfilled redemption

When I got back into the hobby early last year I read about redemptions and thought, that's cool. I learned pretty quickly that redemptions are in fact, not cool. Not cool at all. Well since returning to the hobby I've pulled a few from Topps and Panini. This past week I got my first fulfilled redemption. This one came from a discounted blaster of 2013 Panini Prizm that I picked up at Plastic Mart. I received the card just two weeks after entering the code online. Good turnaround time from Panini.

Biggio makes a nice addition to my collection. As a kid I admired Biggio for his scrappy "team first" style of playing. I'd been wanting his auto but hadn't actively pursued it. Here's to hoping the BBWAA does the right thing and puts him in the HoF.