Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bowman rack pack

Today after work I stopped in the Walton's General Store across the street for a gander at the card aisle. I've been very disappointed with them recently as they STILL don't have Gypsy Queen in stock. Surprisingly they did have Bowman rack packs and blasters. That makes no sense to me, but whatever. I actually have a Bowman hobby box on the way to me set to arrive in a couple days and I didn't want to spend too much money on retail so I settled on a rack pack just to get a taste. Here are the highlights.

Purple parallels

I'm not sure I like the photo editing to make the player stand out from the background. Seems unnecessary to me.

And the prospect border design, as seen on this State & Hometown parallel, I'm not sure about either. With the way it curves in at the bottom I feel like there's just too much empty space around the edges. Maybe I'll like it more after I bust the box.

The future

Joe Wendle is henceforth known as "Bird Man" (see photo above).

One thing that is different about Bowman this year is that the prospect chromes have a silver border rather than white which makes it look like it's supposed to be a parallel. I wonder if Bowman Chrome will be the same way. Also I just realized there aren't any gold parallels that previously were one per pack. They''re now a #'d parallel that looks to be a tough pull.

I wasn't expecting to pull any autos but I certainly don't mind! And a Braves prospect at that! Seeded 1:38 packs, or about 1:13 rack packs, this wasn't a bad pull for my first retail Bowman purchase of the year. Also, good job there Topps in putting the sticker on slightly slanted...

Despite my uncertainties about the design I think I will like this set, as I usually do like Bowman, and I am looking forward to busting the box when it arrives.

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