Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Birthday break pt. 4

Sorry about the silence recently. I've been having some internet issues lately.

This is the final box of my birthday hockey break.

2011/2012 Upper Deck SPx
18 packs
4 cards per pack
1 bonus ICE pack

I wanted to open an Upper Deck box and had heard good things about this product so I decided to give it a shot. It didn't disappoint. The box advertises that it will contain one rookie jersey card and one rookie jersey/auto card. I pulled both of those in the first three packs. So needless to say I was not optimistic about the rest of the box. But it turned out pretty well.

First the bonus ICE pack.

This is a pretty cool see through acetate card.

And now the rest of the box.

As I mentioned before, the above "promised" two hits I pulled in the first three packs. 

Bonus 1: The backs of these cards state that the jersey swatches are from the rookie photo shoot. Props to UD for being honest about the origin of the relics.
Bonus 2: That Lennart Petrell auto is one of the worst looking pro athlete signatures I've ever seen.

I ended up pulling three more hits from the box but no more ink. But I was definitely not disappointed.


Here we go! Dual swatch of a star player. I'll take it. 

And an interesting side note, these swatches are obviously from the Hawks' road whites. Both swatches are a bit miscolored. They almost have a yellowish stain tint to them. They're also a little...umm..crusty..feeling. Makes me think this jersey was very well used. Cool...well, gross, but cool.

And the last pack mega winner...


Dual patch of two future NHL Hall of Famers numbered 10/15!!!! 

The Lidstrom "patch" really only has a little seam on the left side. But the Datsyuk two color patch is pretty cool. This has to be the coolest card I've pulled in my short time in the modern collecting world.

Well that's it for me birthday break reports. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it particularly for the plethora of hits. 

Thanks for reading!

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