Sunday, March 23, 2014

Birthday break pt. 3

The next box I busted was one I was a little wary of. I had seen some people say that it was a rather boring set. It also came out during the strike shortened season. But the price was right so I bit.

2012/13 Panini Certified hobby box
10 packs per box
5 cards per pack
Every box contains four hits including at least one autograph

I didn't find the base set as boring as I had been prepared for it to be. I know some people don't like cards where the background behind the player is blurred or even non-existent. It doesn't bother me, at least to a point. Overall I would give the base set a B. Nothing special but not terrible either.

In edition to the promised hits the box also contained a good amount of numbered inserts.

Mirror Red parallel

And the hits

This one was a last pack winner. And based on my research this card should have pretty good resell value, if I did that sort of thing. Other hockey collector, what do you think? I didn't see anything Junior Class dual autos on COMC and eBay only had some lower end players.

Overall this was a so-so break for me. I wasn't wowed by anything in the box, save for the Phaneuf/Nugent-Hopkins dual auto. Not knowing nearly as much about hockey cards as baseball..I would guess that this is a set that debuts at way too high a price compared to the attractiveness and value of the content. But after a year plus of sitting on the shelf it came down to a price that was more around where it should be. I got the box for less than $50 which I think is an excellent price after factoring in that the dual auto may be worth a good bit more than that, (just an assumption). But I wouldn't have paid much more than that.


  1. In the right world, that Nugent-Hopkins should be a star card. However, until the Oilers start doing something with all the youth they have, it's kind of a dud. In the sense that it will sell, and you will probably get back your $50. But it should easily go for double or triple what it would sell.

  2. Happy Birthday Cool pickups. Always nice when Birthday Booty has to be divided into multiple posts.