Friday, March 21, 2014

Birthday break pt. 1

This past Sunday was my birthday and of course I asked for cards. I decided to change it up a a bit though and got some boxes that weren't of the baseball kind. I'll talk about those boxes and their plethora of hits in future posts.

But first, I ordered from Dave and Adam's Card World. As such I got a free gift with my order which happened to be six retail packs of 2012 Panin Prizm baseball. I bought a couple packs of this product last year. I liked it but the price point was too high for me with what was in the packs. I believe walmart had them at $4 a pack for four cards. That would be $2 too much. But in this case the packs were free so I was glad to have them.

I did like this cards when I first saw them last year. And I still like the design. Well, the border design at least. In opening these packs I realized how devoid of color this set is. And that has nothing to do with the lack of logos. Maybe that's an indictment of MLB uniforms in that so many teams normally wear a combination of white/grey/black/navy blue or red with only a little bit of color mixed in. That only changes when they wear alternate uniforms or 70's throwback uniforms, none of which are represented in this set. It doesn't help that the background in the photos is blurred and darkened to make the player stand out more. The background provides a lot of color in baseball cards that I guess can alleviate some of the uniform blandness. But Panini took that out of the equation. So I guess my two thoughts are that Panini should have better thought out the design of this set, and MLB teams need to have more color in their uniforms.

Moving on

An excellent pull for me as a J. Up fan. If you'll notice in the upper left corner some white specks. This card as well as some others came out of the packs with a powder that looked like they came from a powdered doughnut. The packs did not appear to be tampered with. So maybe someone in the Panini factory was having a snack while on the job.

Looks like he's in a Dodgers or Padres uniform. BOO.

Possibly the most colorful card out of them all thanks to Machado's sunglasses.

So nothing special but at least the packs were free. 

My internet access my be spotty for awhile but I will try to get the rest of my Birthday break reports uploaded soon. Thanks for reading!


  1. Maddux is featured in Panini's version of a Braves uniform.
    By his pitching hand you'll see "Atlanta Br....." since they can't actually put Braves on the card.

    1. I don't recall the Braves ever wearing the solid navy caps while Maddux was with them. Also the numbering on Braves' uniforms is red, not blue. The card might say Atlanta on it, but it looks like a photo of him in a Dodgers or Padres uniform. Except that the number on the card is 31, his number with the Cubs and Braves, while he wore 36 and 30 with the Dodgers and Padres respectively. So I think the best bet is that it's a photoshop that missed some details.

  2. Happy Birthday, some nice cards there, congrats.