Thursday, December 5, 2013

Weirdo Ginter box

Last week Blowout was running some deals all week in addition to their normal Black Friday fire sale. So early in the week I took advantage and picked up some boxes at great prices. The box I was most looking forward to busting was a hobby box of 2011 Allen & Ginter. I fell in love with A&G this year and jumped at the opportunity to get a box from a past set as previously I'd only been able to get a couple blasters from 09 and 12. Well this past Monday the boxes arrived and I got right to busting. I like to save the best for last so I saved the A&G box till the end. However I wanted to share it's contents with you guys first because of how strange the box was. 

Here are the contents:

Box Loader
CB-3 Dallas is Perfect in Oakland

Pack 1
20 Jeremy Hellickson RC
247 Yadier Molina
208 Marco Scutaro
AOM 19 Ascent of Man Hominini
AGR-EL Evan Longoria bat relic
226 Andre Ethier mini black border
HH26 Hometown Heroes Torii Hunter

A hit from the first pack and a nice one at that!

Pack 2
177 Aaron Crow
80 Joey Votto
179 Shane Victorino
218 Bobby Abreu
BHS-23 Baseball Highlight Sketches Mark Teixeira
315 Jayson Werth SP
FF12 Floating Fortresses La Gloire

 And so it begins. Only seven cards in the pack and no mini.

Pack 3
176 Brian Bogusevic RC
202 Nick Swisher
143 Carlos Zambrano
16 Gordon Beckham
47 Phil Hughes
287 Yovani Gallardo Ginter Code Parallel
122 Ryan Dempster mini
HH23 Hometown Heroes Dustin Pedroia

Pack 4
159 Shawn Michaels
40 John McEnroe
195 Tommy Hanson
292 Wade Davis
158 Billy Butler
87 Colby Lewis
163 Ian Kennedy mini A&G back
HH74 Hometown Heroes Jayson Werth

Pack 5
277 Hank Conger RC
273 Brent Morel RC
9 Joe Saunders
55 Dustin Pedroia
132 Colby Rasmus
337Drew Storen SP
35 Adam Dunn mini A&G back
FF2 Floating Fortresses Mary Rose

Pack 6
24 Kristi Yamaguchi
70 Evan Longoria
2 Ty Wigginton
204 Jim Thome
229 Juan Pierre
83 Scott Rolen Ginter Code Parallel
156 Marlon Byrd mini A&G back
HH58 Hometown Heroes Jimmy Rollins

Pack 7
274 Stan Lee
298 Peter Gammons
118 Rafael Soriano
250 Ichiro
264 Adam Jones
344 Danny Valencia SP
315 Jayson Werth mini SP
HH53 Hometown Heroes Justin Verlander

Pack 8
94 Josh Rodriguez RC
59 Jeremy Jeffress RC
75 Jose Reyes
173 Mariano Rivera
22 Michael Bourn
309 Kurt Suzuki SP
FF15 Floating Fortresses USS Cairo

And here's another pack with only seven cards.

Pack 9
178 Ben Revere RC
254 Denard Span
56 Scott Kazmir
39 Stephen Drew
235 Cole Hamels
AOM 2 Ascent of Man Eukaryotes
HH100 Hometown Heroes Travis Snider

Annnd another seven card pack.

Pack 10
20 Jeremy Hellickson RC
44 Ozzie Martinez RC
193 Jorge De La Rosa
240 Matt Holliday
AGR-JP Jorge Posada jersey relic
298 Peter Gammons mini
HH35 Hometown Heroes Alex Gordon

A Yankees relic..yay.....

Pack 11
234 Chrissie Wellington
50 Carl Crawford
157 Corey Hart
63 Neil Walker
BHS-15 Baseball Highlight Sketches Aroldis Chapman
346 Brett Gardner SP
223 Chuck Woolery mini black border
HH80 Hometown Heroes Cliff Lee

Why is it that all of the Baseball Highlights Sketches cards vertical but the pictures in some of them are horizontal? Bad design.

Pack 12
34 Pedro Ciriaco RC
242 Cheryl Burke
30 Hanley Ramirez
117 Jonathan Sanchez
233 Ben Zobrist
313 Leo Nunez SP
SRU3 Step Right Up Fire Eating
MMF31 Minds That Made the Future Dmitri Mendeleev

Pack 13
86 Greg Halman RC
121 JD Drew
275 Justin Verlander
200 Josh Hamilton
68 Max Scherzer
AOM 25 Ascent of Man Homo Sapiens Sapiens
PP9 Portraits of Penultimacy Thome E. Dewey
HH15 Hometown Heroes Matt Holliday

Dewey looks like a shady used car salesman.  

Pack 14
263 Mark Trumbo RC
201 Andrew Romine RC
220 Prince Fielder
124 Chad Billingsly
41 Carlos Santana
325 Giancarlo Mike Stanton SP
WMF1 World's Most Mysterious Figures Rasputin
HH50 Hometown Heroes Josh Hamilton

Pack 15
262 Manny Pacquiao
238 Rudy Ruettiger
194 Rick Porcello
171 John Lackey
146 John Danks
122 Ryan Dempster
WMF5 World's Most Mysterious Figures DB Cooper
HH90 Hometown Heroes Ryan Howard

Pack 16
165 Jo Frost
147 Dubya
297 Travis Hafner
268 Dallas Braden
166 Geovany Soto
217 Shaun Marcum
WMF9 World's Most Mysterious Figures The Babushka Lady
HH94 Hometown Heroes CJ Wilson

Three WMF mini inserts in a row and five mini inserts in a row overall. Weird.

Pack 17
3 Lou Holtz
205 Kendrys Morales
62 Alfonso Soriano
11 Marc Forgione
AGR-AR Alex Fraudriguez jersey relic
289 Paul Konerko mini
217 Shaun Marcum mini black border
HH65 Hometown Heroes Adrian Gonzalez

The card in the pack most deserving of a scan

Huh?! This pack contains a relic yet still has eight cards and includes two minis...I'm so confused. And at this point in the box I was pretty disappointed with it seeing as I had three framed mini relics including two Yankees, one being King Juice. The swatch even smells like steroids. (Whatever steroids smell like, that's what it smells like.)   

Pack 18
45 Annika Sorenstam
245 Brian McCann
295 Chris Carpenter
251 Ian Desmond
BHS-8 Baseball Highlights Sketches Cody Ross
345 Zach Greinke SP
MMF20 Minds That Made the Future Leonhard Euler

And here we have another seven card pack.

Pack 19
44 Ozzie Martinez RC
36 Eric Sogard RC
128 Michael Cuddyer
142 Michael Young
175 Jose Bautista
307 Ryan Ludwick
UG1 Uninvited Guests Bachelor's Grove Cemetary
HH38 Hometown Heroes Andre Ethier

Pack 20
14 Adrian Beltre
289 Paul Konerko
37 Fausto Carmona
271 Chris Young
258 Howie Kendrick
348 Russell Martin SP
61 Brian Roberts mini A&G back
MMF40 Minds That Made the Future Benjamin Franklin

Pack 21
95 Dan Uggla
71 Chris Perez
29 Johnny Cueto
78 Luke Scott
AGA-NC Nelson Cruz autograph
167 Adam LaRoche mini A&G back
HH36 Hometown Heroes Gordon Beckham

Well now I'm just completely thrown for a loop. Topps NEVER has boxes with more hits than advertised, at least not that I've ever seen. The bad thing is that I assume since I got an extra hit then someone else probably got shorted one. I'd gladly give them the Anabolic Emperor relic.

Pack 22
119 Nancy Lopez
206 Tsuyoshi Nishioka RC
38 Angel Pagan
184 Pedro Alvarez
67 Delmon Young
335 Jason Heyward SP
77 Rafael Furcal mini
SRU9 Step Right Up Knife Throwing
HH47 Hometown Heroes Phil Hughes

Now we have a pack with nine cards including two minis. This box makes no sense.

Pack 23
12 Hope Solo
126 Jair Jurrjens
211 Fransisco Rodriguez
257 Andrew Bailey
BHS-12 Baseball Highlights Sketches Armando Galarraga
312 Cody Ross SP
346 Brett Gardner A&G back SP
HH2 Hometown Heroes Colby Rasmus

Pack 24
228 Brandon Snyder RC
81 Yonder Alonso RC
213 Xavier Nady
152 Jordan Zimmermann
169 Dan Haren
281 Adam Lind
15 Diana Taurasi mini
HH3 Hometown Heroes Brian Wilson

  What a strange, strange box. Topps' collation can be bad at times as far as duplicates in a box, but I've never had a box with some packs having fewer cards than they're supposed to and packs with more cards than they're supposed to. Not to mention receiving an extra hit. Very odd indeed. Any of you had this happen to you before?


  1. I had one box with 4 hits before. I think it was an anomaly, but you did ok. Except for the Yahkees.

  2. Yeah I couldn't believe my terrible luck in pulling two of them in one box with as wide ranging as the checklist is.