Saturday, December 7, 2013

2012 Topps Olympics blaster

The last box I picked up from Blowout was a 2012 Topps US Olympic Team blaster. I generally don't buy non-baseball products but I love the Olympics and I was intrigued by this set so I gave it a shot. The set is short on inserts but has a wide ranging base set. I got plenty of cards of big name US Olympians and some from people I've never heard of. Each pack included one bronze parallel with silver and gold parallels seeded 1:2 and 1:3 packs respectively. The only difference with the parallels from the regular base cards is the athletes name and the logo are in foil rather than ink. Here is an example of the base cards as well as each parallel.

I can understand having the same background for each card to accentuate the patriotic nature of the set. But I would rather the action shot cards, like those above of Lolo Jones, Allyson Felix and Jordyn Wieber, to have the background of the original shot. Posed photos, like that on the Tyler Clary card, make more sense to have a patriotic type background.

Overall this is an interesting set. I may pick up a hobby box in the future if the price is right.

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