Thursday, October 24, 2013

Contest winnings

So a couple weeks ago Play at the Plate ran a contest to guess how much he spent on cards from a former LCS owner. I won the contest and he sent me a nice stack of great cards of some of my favorite Braves players from sets I had never collected. Here's what he sent.

2002 Donruss Originals

1999 Topps Gold Label

I really like the look of these cards. They have a nice refractor sheen that didn't show up in the scan. I may need to hunt down a box of this to break.

1999 Fleer Brilliants

1998 Flair Showcase

1998 UD SPx 0635/4500

1998 UD SPx 4216/4500

1998 UD SPx 4499/4500

1998 UD SPx 3050/5000

1998 UD SPx 1681/7000

1997 UD3

When I first looked at this card it was sitting flat on the table and I thought the right side was just a mirror of sorts. Then I picked it up and realized that it was translucent and had another picture of Dye. It didn't show up well when scanned as you can see, but it looks pretty cool in person.

1997 UD3

So, a great set of Braves cards from Play at the Plate! Thanks!!!

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