Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Allen & Ginter box break Pt. 3

And it's time to wrap things up!

Pack 15
195 Derek Norris
82 Roberto Clemente
287 Bill Mazeroski
99 Barry Zito
AGA-SD Scott Diamond Autograph
290 Eddie Murray mini

ATY-JC Across the Years Johnny Cueto

And there is our second hit of the box and a nice looking sig at that. 

Pack 16
91 Carlos Ruiz
48 Starling Marte
282 Tim Lincecum
87 Ken Griffey Jr.
235 Carlos Beltran
281 Cliff Lee
82 Roberto Clemente mini A&G back
ATY-DP Across the Years Dustin Pedroia

The kid just looks better in Mariners garb. One of my all time favorite players. I'm glad Topps is still including him in sets.

Pack 17
59 Joey Votto
251 Frank Thomas
286 Alfonso Soriano
25 Ernie Banks
89 Michael Brantley
271 Prince Fielder
318 Eric Hosmer mini SP
ATY-DJ Across the Years Derek Jeter

Pack 18
20 John Smoltz
277 Paul Goldschmidt
5 Albert Pujols
42 Jackie Robinson
197 Dexter Fowler
OLC-CM One Little Corner Comet
115 Stan Musial mini A&G back
320 Shaun Marcum SP

Pack 19
193 Josh Hamilton
73 Tim Hudson
166 Jim Johnson
40 Will Middlebrooks
233 Starlin Castro
MM-ZU Martial Mastery Zulu
232 Andre Dawson mini black border
317 George Brett SP

When I look at this card all I can think of is "What year is it?"

Pack 20
160 Brian McCann
182 Cody Ross
84 Jason Vargas
293 Jim Palmer
AGR-HI Hisashi Iwakuma mini relic
230 Derek Holland mini A&G back
ATY-WS Across the Years Willie Stargell

And there is our final hit of the box. With four packs left I was hoping I would get lucky and get more than the promised three. But really...its Topps. They don't provide nice little surprises for collectors in that way like our friends at Panini do ala my box break of USA Champions last month.

Pack 21
274 Raul Ibanez
248 Mariano Rivera
163 Don Mattingly
8 Gary Carter
292 Yovani Gallardo
88 Clayton Kershaw
233 Starlin Castro mini
ATY-RHO Across the Years Ryan Howard

I despise the Suckees. LOATHE THEM. But I have nothing but respect for Mo. What a great career. And much like Jeter I have tons of respect for a guy that stays with one team his entire career. It would be nice to see him coaching pitchers somewhere in a few years when his bust has been added in Cooperstown.

Pack 22
250 John Calipari
278 Mike McCarthy
187 Scott Hamilton
139 Red Schoendienst
227 Fernando Rodney
OLC-CT One Little Corner Centaur
211 Jacoby Ellsbury mini black border
322 Robin Yount SP

This might be the first "baseball" card I have of a guy I've actually met unlike Crackin Wax who has had the fortune to meet a lot of players and coaches because of his job. 

Story time: My Uncle taught high school math in Pennsylvania for thirty-some years and coached the basketball and tennis teams. When he first started coaching basketball, Coach Cal was his ball boy. Fast forward to the late 90's when Coach Cal was hired by the New Jersey Nets. During the summer my family was up in PA visiting and one evening we were at my Uncle's house and who should stop by to say hello? Coach Cal! When he first introduced himself my sister thought he said he coached the New York Knicks and she got all excited cause she'd actually heard of that team. But when he corrected her and said it was the Nets she immediately lost interest. A funny memory now. I need to ask her if she remembers that. I haven't had the fortune to run into him since then but he and my Uncle still keep in touch. 

And now we return you to your regularly scheduled box breaking...

Pack 23
61 Alex Gordon
242 Robinson Cano
146 Vida Blue
14 Ben Revere
199 AJ Burnett
MM-SP Martial Mastery Spartans
122 Jay Bruce mini
314 Avisail Garcia SP

Pack 24
240 Mike Leake
207 Troy Tulowitzki
144 Torii Hunter
181 Wade Boggs
54 BJ Upton
CAP-IN Civilizations of Ages Past Inca
HHH-SLM Heavy Hangs the Head Solomon
328 Alex Fraudriguez SP

Well that wasn't a bad box. Not a spectacular one either. No glossy lid card. Trust me, I checked, rechecked, and checked again. No luck. But this was the first year that I've done an A&G box and I definitely will again next year.

If there is anything you see here that you are interested in feel free to shoot me an email!


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