Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Charity" break?

So last night I posted again about wanting to do a "charity" group case break. View From the Skybox suggested that I drop a couple boxes from the break and thus drop the slot price since with Christmas approaching some collectors may not be able to find the money to take part. This hadn't occurred to me but it makes sense. So I dropped two boxes from my shopping cart on Dave and Adam's. A third is now out of stock so I added a new box to the mix. Here is what I am looking at now.

1999 Topps Gold Label
2004 Upper Deck SP Prospects
2006 Upper Deck SP Authentic
2008 Topps Finest
2011 Topps Lineage
2012 Upper Deck SP Signature Edition
2012 Panini Prizm
2013 Bowman Platinum

Slots are now priced at $40 for the first and $35 for each slot after that. What do you guys think?

You can read about why I want to do this break here: http://needmorecardboard.blogspot.com/2013/10/would-you-take-part-charity-break-of.html

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