Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back in the Game- Allen & Ginter

Allen & Ginter blaster report as follows.

Pack 1
51 Jason Kipnis
1 Miguel Cabrera
155 Austin Jackson
214 Alexei Ramierz
227 Fernando Rodney mini
ATY-DJ Across the Years Derek Jeter

Pack 2
125 Matt Holliday
140 Tommy Lee
164 Chris Mortensen
PS-TA Palaces and Strongholds The Alamo
18 Matt Harrison mini A&G back
336 Chase Headley SP

Pack 3
196 Josh Willingham
75 Lou Gehrig
53 Mark Teixeira
137 Pedro Alvarez
18 Matt Harrison mini
ATY-JC Across the Years Johnny Cueto

Pack 4
119 Adam Richman
147 Ian Desmond
63 Jose Bautista
CAP-VK Civilizations of Ages Past Vikings
105 Tyler Skaggs mini black border
302 Brandon McCarthy SP

Pack 5
113 Brandon Beachy
141 Trevor Cahill
7 Mike Trout
CC-NOW Curious Cases The Illuminati/New World Order
291 Edwin Encarnacion mini A&G back
ATY-AJ Across the Years Adam Jones

Pack 6
247 Ryan Howard
81 Al Kaline
174 Nathan Eovaldi
OLC-SD One Little Corner Scattered Disc
217 Pope Francis I mini
319 Matt Kemp SP

Pack 7
37 Nelson Cruz
153 Alex Cobb
AGFR-DDJ David DeJesus full sized relic (road grey)
HHH-QE Heavy Hangs the Head Queen Elizabeth II
ATY-PG Across the Years Paul Goldschmidt

Pack 8
297 Jeff Samardzija
47 Robin Ventura
169 Todd Frazier
MM-GD Martial Mastery Gladiators
291 Edwin Encarnacion mini
325 Johan Santana SP

Another pleasant surprise with the David DeJesus jersey relic. Of course the Cubs would trade him the day after I pull the card. Oh well. I never expect to pull a hit when I buy at Wally World much less two hits from just a blaster and a rack pack. So I doubt I will be pulling that off again anytime soon. In fact with the odds as they are I doubt I'll pull any hits from Walmart anytime soon.


  1. What's the Illuminati card talk about?

  2. If your interested in trading. I'd have some Braves to swap for the Cardinals. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

  3. I already traded away the Illuminati card. Don't recall what the back said. Sorry.

    Superduperman99 were we going to put together a trade awhile back? Or did we? I really don't recall. I've been away from the blogosphere for the most part recently and I really don't remember.