Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back in the Game- Bowman Platinum

I arrived home a week ago from my trip to Ukraine and had been itching to get some Allen & Ginter at my earliest convenience. Things have been hectic since I got home with catching up with work etc. So I didn't have a chance to make a stop at Wally World #2 until a couple days ago. I decided to pick up an A&G blaster as well as a Bowman Platinum rack pack. The ripping proved fruitful and the results are as follows.

First up the Bowman Platinum rack pack

Pack 1
BPP22 Bubba Starling
38 Michael Young sapphire parallel
1 Albert Pujols
BPP67 Joey Gallo

Pack 2
28 Buster Posey
BPCP10 Javier Baez refractor parallel
TP-ZW Zack Wheeler Top Prospects
BPP72 Luis Heredia

Pack 3
BPP4 Gerrit Cole
BPAP-WS Will Swanner green refractor prospect autograph 098/399
53 Freddie Freeman gold parallel
97 Chris Sale

Bonus Purple Prospect Refractors
BPCP88 Mark Montgomery
BPCP96 Tyrone Taylor
BPCP51 Alex Meyer

The Will Swanner on-card AU was a pleasant surprise seeded at 1:160 packs. Swanner had a really good year playing in Class A last year. This year in Class A+ his run producing numbers still seem to be ok but his average has dropped off significantly. At this point he doesn't seem like a prospect that is very likely to make it to the majors, but who knows.

A&G blaster will be report on in following post.


  1. Love that Michael Young. Well, love is a strong word. Like a lot works better I suppose.