Thursday, July 25, 2013

Post break question

Quick question. After you do a box break where you are keeping the contents do you prefer to leave the cards in the wrappers and in the box? Or do you take them out to sort and store them in a different container?


  1. I don't trust the box, I don't keep wrappers either. I usually take em out and sort them. If I'm going for the set I leave them stacked on my desk until completed (desk is getting crowded). After completion I put the set in a binder or 800/5000 count box depending if I like the look of the actual set.

  2. Cool. Thanks for the input!

    I'm not all that much into set completion to be honest. I more just like to break boxes and rip packs for the fun of seeing what I get. Also helps me help others complete their sets or PC's. I've got a few binders but I have yet to put anything in them. Maybe I need to start a Braves binder project!