Sunday, July 21, 2013

A first time for everything

So over the last few days I saw a handful of blog posts about going to card shows and it got me thinking, "Hey I've never been to one of those." No seriously. I hadn't.

Well last night I used the Great Google to see if there would be any shows in North Carolina coming up. And lo and behold there was going to be one today in Hickory, about a 45 minute drive from me! So I got up early and headed up to the Hickory Metro Convention Center and arrived shortly after the 9AM opening. I would say there were approximately 50-60 dealers in attendance with about half selling sports cards while the rest were selling comic books and toys. I'm not going to report on my purchases just yet as I have not had the chance to scan anything. Posts will be forthcoming in the next few days. But to say the least, I had an excellent and successful first time card show experience!


  1. Very cool!! I can't even remember the last time I was at a show. Heck, I may have been a kid. Looking forward to your post.